ASR Solicitors is a full service firm of solicitors based in the City of London, providing an extensive range of legal advice and services to corporate, commercial and private clients. Our lawyers deliver practical legal advice in a cost-effective, efficient and responsive manner, according to your specific requirements. Our main office is based in the City of London from where our lawyers provide legal advice to a broad range of clients both in the UK and overseas.


We are focussed on delivering an exceptional service.

Why Choose Us?

A fair and transparent fee structure. No hidden extras!


We at ASR solicitors try to make buying or selling your house as simple as possible, creating a swift, pleasant and stress free transaction. We ensure that we help you through the process by cutting out the legal jargon and providing you with practical, straight forward advice wherever possible.


We at ASR solicitors have experience in advising clients on all aspects of employment law and HR issues. Given the rapid changing nature of employment law, we understand our clients require decisive and practical guidance to allow them to properly understand their rights and options, and legal obligations.


Immigration in the United Kingdom is continuously changing and is a rapidly moving subject. It is often extremely complex for a client due to; a mixture of international treaties, Acts of Parliament, statutory instruments, policy guidance, and case law.

Civil Litigation

Going to court is not something that people tend to do every day of the week. As such, should you ever find yourself in a position where you need help to resolve a dispute, you should look to obtain thorough, impartial advice as soon as possible.

Wills and Probate

It is often amazing how many people are not in possession of a will. If, in the event, you pass away without having made a will, your estate will be shared out according to the law, not as you may have wished for.

Dental Law

As a prominent provider of high quality legal services to dental practices, we can advise on all aspects of the legislative framework, which regulates dentistry, as well as being able to provide legal representation on contractual documents and variations.